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What Are my Rights on a Faulty Television?

By: Chris Nickson - Updated: 3 Jun 2022 | comments*Discuss
What Are My Rights On A Faulty Television?

Q.I bought a 37" LCD TV,17 months ago from a well known electrical retailer. The TV now keeps turning itself off. The shop guarantee ran out 5 months ago,do I have any rights?.

(Mr Tony Graham, 22 September 2008)


If your TV is faulty you can reject it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. If it's more than 30 days but less than 6 months since purchase, it's presumed the fault was there at the time of purchase (and it is up to the retailer to prove otherwise). The retailer should replace or repair the product at this stage - although the retailer can usually choose which of these options to take.

After 6 months the onus is on you the purchaser, to prove there was a fault when the item was purchased and the failure isn’t due to misuse on your part. The simplest way to prove this is to ask a qualified television engineer to provide a report for you. If you can prove the fault is not down to you (the expert opinion will be needed) then the retailer should still offer some sort of recompense depending on the price you paid and how long you would expect the item to last. At this stage however, it's likely you might need to use the court or small claim court to pursue your case if you want to suggest that the TV is not satisfactory or fit for purpose.

You'll need to do some research on the length of time an LCD TV of this standard/price would be expected to last and prove that you used it according to the instructions. Citizens' Advice will be able to advise you further.

It's also worth checking too see if there is an additional "manufacturer’s warranty" that applies to the television.

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Boughta Samsung UE43AU8000 TV on 25/11/21 from Richer Sounds c/w 6 Years guarantee. On 29/05/22 which is 6 months later, the TV stopped working. Richer Sounds say to contact Samsung with TV details and pictures of TV. Samsung have now said that they will not fix TV as warranty does not cover it. They haven’t even sent out a TV engineer to look at the TV to see what the fault is.
Paul - 3-Jun-22 @ 12:10 PM
Hi, I bought in November 2020 58" Hitachi smart TV in Argos. I had one year warranty. In May 2022 my TV has panel failure. Argos told me that they can't help. Do I have anychance Hitachi will have longer warranty. Many thanks
Misha - 2-Jun-22 @ 10:26 AM
Purchased My 58inch hitachi tv on 13/11/20 around 18 months ago screen the screen has frozen and now gone black and white. I rang Argos and they have told me that I am out of warranty by 6 months. What are my rights?should they give me a replacement or repair . The tv is hung up on the wall so no one has damaged it so is definitely manufacture fault. I also still have receipt.
Charlieb1990 - 1-May-22 @ 10:48 AM
My 65" Samsung I bought in May 2020 with an rrp of £1299 has had faults and bugs cropping up for several months and getting worse and now it's giving me purple squares and green lines that move even when paused when I try watch any streaming app. The home button still bring up the browsing options and homepages of apps, but when I start to stream it goes wierd. It went from crashing once or twice a day to several or a dozen times a day now, it fails to load some apps, thinks I want one source when I'm selecting another, had to select bbci player 9 times before it would stop giving me nintendo switch and gave me bbci players. Samsung say they only give 12 months to TVs regardless of price paid (so even their ultra expensive 8k crystal LED and their 98" £17,999 TVs also only get 12 months too, yet their phones including their cheapest one gets 24 months... Never buying Samsung again as my galaxy s20+ has had signal faults and my previous s8 had issues too. Will be switching to Toshiba and iPhone as my £299 48" Toshiba TV (gave to my parents when i got this samsung) has lasted 7 years of constant use and perfectly fine besides the brightness dimming a little revently, and my 32" Philips I got in 2008 lasted 8 years before being stored away and it still works, which I might have to revert to if this samsung fully packs in.
Ol - 24-Mar-22 @ 11:01 AM
Hi i have a 65" panasonic TV, paid for on a weekly basis for 2 years. Not even a month after finishing paying for it I get multi colours all over the screen. Has not been damaged as it sorted itself out but its doing it again now. Perfect home saying its not their problem but panasonic said I have to pay for it to be repaired but surely that's not fair, it should still be under some sort of warranty
Kay - 7-Mar-22 @ 10:22 AM
I bought a 40inch Panasonic tv 18 months ago it turns on I get sound but no picture, what are my consumer rights, I bought it at Argos
GDAD24 - 16-Nov-21 @ 4:14 PM
I purchased a Toshiba 43 inch smart TV on 22/9/19 from Tesco Dunfermline.This month the screen went blank and has remained like this. Tesco say it can’t do anything as the warranty of one year has run out. Surely a television sound last longer than 22 months? Otherwise it’s not fit for purpose , is it ? I don’t know where to turn, it seems so unfair.
Greta - 27-Aug-21 @ 5:36 PM
Purchased a Samsung QLED 65 TV through VERY in September 2019, today the screen went blank and is now persistently going on and off, I am assuming there is a fault in remote updates for the Smart TV however I’m unable to get in to settings through the remote as it doesn’t stay on long enough, looks like it’s well and truly broken! Samsung states 1 year warranty, but for a TV under 2 years old at a cost of £1200 shouldn’t just go surely? What are my rights, who should I be contacting? VERY or SAMSUNG? Thank you!
dkatmk - 22-Aug-21 @ 7:35 PM
I purchased a 43” LG TV from curry’s in 2019 and all was well until the screen went blank out of nowhere. There is still sound but no image, I’m assuming it’s a burnt tube or fuse in the TV that is causing this however I’m not sure whether this is classed as a Manufacturer Fault. Can someone help?
John22 - 19-Aug-21 @ 3:01 PM
Purchased Samsung 55” TV 27 months ago and screen is turning black. Started as a line and is getting bigger. Samsung said out of 2 years warranty so would be charged:with no guarantee they can fix plus he payment I don’t feel happy going ahead and feel 2 years is a short period for a tv with a brand like Samsung to break.They offered us 15% off a new one that we have to purchase through there website.Sorry don’t just have 100’s in the bank to purchase a new one. Do we have any rights? We purchased through a catalogue who have also said out of warranty nothing they can do.
Sazza - 14-Aug-21 @ 6:14 PM
I spent £2k for a 50” Samsung tele about 7 months ago, and the screen just gone recently, afterwards I contacted to the Samsung and they fixed twice and still didn’t work and they just took back for third time. I asked for refund or replacement as I don’t want to keep this tele after being fixing that many times. But when I contacted to the the head office they are saying they will keep just fixing as many as they need it. Is any way I can get refund or replacement for this issue. Thank you in advance
Ali - 6-Aug-21 @ 10:29 PM
Hi.. I purchased a sony bravia from Aol... And there is a cple of issues hair line right across the screen and the sound goes sparodically silent... Reported the failts to Sony and sent a software up date usb stick to down load.... After this didnt help they asked if i had a warranty which i dont.. The tv cost 800 and only 2 n half year old it should be working perfectly .They are not accepting liability or taking it further i feel totally disappointed and let down..and will be persuing the matter further . Voncen customer
Iris - 6-Jul-21 @ 5:07 PM
Hi I bought New 55cm LG TV after 7 days I realized that the screen has movement, what must I do?
Fassie - 28-May-21 @ 2:33 AM
Currys changed me 95 to diagnose an issue ,they said if its a manufacturer fault I will be refunded the fee. I have been refunded but they only offer 328 as compensation, and told me its down to me to prove its a manufacturer fault... we they've admitted that when they refunded my 95. the tv is 33 month old sony bravia costing almost900. The 328 is not acceptable as far as I'm concerned as the unit should last a reasonable amount of time.The customer service is shocking so I've escalated the issue with Dixons cdl.and still no answer.
Sm - 27-Apr-21 @ 1:01 PM
I would like to know my rights if a SONY tv bought in good faith can no longer connect due to new policy agreement I do not want to sign. This was not part of the agreement on purchase
okihug - 6-Apr-21 @ 12:18 PM
Purchased a Sony bravia tv with a 5 year warranty which is now 3.5 years old. I recently had it professionally calibrated & was informed it had screen burn issues this was picked up whilst being calibrated you can't notice it watching tv normally. The manufacturer has offered me a similar replacement is it possible to keep the tv & get a part refund & they cancel the remainder of the warranty.
Barney - 26-Mar-21 @ 10:15 PM
Purchased jvc 24inch smart TVs from curry’s October 2020.Tv keeps switching on and off and remote won’t swich it off, have to switch power ofconsidering it’s only 5 months old curry’s could only offer a repair saying the warranty doesn’t cover a replacement .not very happy with curry’s
Sparks - 14-Mar-21 @ 11:07 AM
Hi I bought a 65inch tv from brighthouse I'm still paying for it for another year the back light has gone but they won't do anything what are my rights
Alane54 - 27-Feb-21 @ 8:17 PM
Couple of weeks ago I bought a smart tv 65inch from currys funny thing it started blurring out I thought maybe I might have pressed some buttons or something now coming across this I'm not too sure could you please help me out what can I do?
Zaree - 22-Feb-21 @ 11:51 AM
I purchased a Panasonic 58 inch TV October 2020 under lockdown only to find that the colour quality can be very washed out no matter what setting you use. The TV is nowhere as good as my previous Panasonic TV which is 5 years old. Panasonic said go to my retailer so John Lewis said they would only collect TV dues to Covid and take it away but parts could take ages due to Covid or EU issues, not prepared to loan me TV or replace it or credit note it so I can buy alternative model.Looking at reviews quite a few customer have same issue and yet other say perfect. As this is my main TV how could I not have one for 2-3 months, is this fair for a TV that is obviously faulty or has design fault !
Stevie - 20-Feb-21 @ 10:38 PM
I recently bought a 8k, 75 inch television costing £4000 - due to the size I paid a company £100 for it the installed correctly on a bracket, I got a receipt. After a couple of days I noticed a line down the far right side. I contacted Samsung who agreed to either send an engineer or replace it. I said replace it but they are putting the tv back on the wall, I’ve received an email refusing to refund the £100 or install the television- is this correct?? Seems wrong
Trigger - 18-Feb-21 @ 9:35 PM
Bought a tv from curry’s 27th nov 2020 as an Xmas present for my partner..the tv was faulty and cannot be fixed..the same tv is now £220 more expensive,they will only offer me a voucher for the price I paid..Not a replacement..what are my rights
Fred - 1-Feb-21 @ 7:42 PM
Hi, I bought a Samsung tv from Currys back in July 2019. The screen started to fade on one a couple of weeks ago and then went completely blank. I have contacted currys via email and they haven't replied trying to get though on the phone to them is a nightmare. Do you know what my rights would be in this situation. Thanks
LHTV - 1-Feb-21 @ 9:33 AM
Husband purchased a Polaroid tv from Asda in Sept 2019 for my birthday in October. This week it has stopped working. What are my rights? I have the receipt and box.
Helen - 20-Jan-21 @ 8:54 PM
Hello, I bought a Samsung TV 49 inch Argus store two years ago, I didn't buy insurance I don't know what to do now.you do not have insurance, we can’t help you. Please help me 2 years only for TV.
Mum - 17-Jan-21 @ 10:47 PM
I bought a Samsung TV two in 2018 in November, it broke after three days, it slowly faded and the screen went blank completely.I bought it from Argos 49 ' Smart TV.I called Vargas, they told me that you have no insurance and you can ' I don’t know what to do, could you help me, please, where can I contact
Samsung tv - 15-Jan-21 @ 11:53 PM
Purchased a LG50nano796ne(2020) from J Lewis on line30 Nov 2020 as all stores were closed so was unable to view / compare it to other makes prior to delivery. upon delivery I found out that it would not load any of the catch up channels with the exception of the BBC catch up also the picture is not as sharp as we expected. contacted LG who informed me that it is a licensing problem which they are working onto rectify no date given!!. Advised to go into store and ask for their advise as to a temporary fix ie Fire stick to access catch up channels store. Store advised me that this would work but if we were not happy with the quality of the picture to go back to customer services and ask for the TV to be replaced with another TV of our choice. Did this after having a good look around store display and taking the advise of staff picked another Tv more expensive but gave all channels we were looking for plus asharper picture. Contacted J LEWIS again who then said that under the "Privacy law" they will not exchange the set due to being unable to clear all private info that is stored within smart Tvs and which could be accessible to another buyer. not happy with either LG or J Lewis. Anyadvise how to solve this dilemma.
das - 5-Dec-20 @ 4:02 PM
I purchased a Panasonic 55 oled in April 2018. It went wrong in November 2018 and a new screen was fitted. Almost 2 years later I noticed some image retention on the screen phoned Panasonic as I had a 5 year guarantee only to be told doesn’t cover screen burn. Richer sounds or Panasonic are unwilling to help as implying I have misused the television by watching it. Will I have a good chance taking this to a small claims court ? I paid on my credit card so can I put this in dispute with the card company ?
Nat - 27-Oct-20 @ 10:40 PM
november 2018 bought a panasonic smart tv,on friday message appeared on screen saying there was an update available,press yes and told it would take a few minutes.tv packed in and tried all the advice given on line to start it up again without any luck.now local tv repair says it has blown something and it is going to cost me a large bill,anyone heard of this before? i have contacted panasonic about this as thought seeing it was them that asked me to perform this update they should be held to account for it breaking down.am i asking for too much.like to hear your opinion.
drift - 31-Aug-20 @ 7:30 PM
NEVER TOUCH SONY Their customer support are nonsensical and the product (HW and SW) have gone down hill. They last 20 years I have had nothing but Bravia. This is current will be my last.
NMH - 27-Aug-20 @ 2:28 PM
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