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Angela said:
Wednesday, 11 Mar 2015
I have just had a concrete driveway laid, it is a shoddy mess with no attention to detail and they have also damaged my neighbours drive. I am a single woman who paid cash and to say I have been walked over is an understatement. I would like to receive your newsletter for any further information I may glean from it with regards to what I can do about it and how I would go about it. Thanks.
Diane said:
Saturday, 11 Oct 2014
Wish I'd known where to check before as this site would have saved me a lot of time and frustration when dealing with matters in the past and ongoing. Thank you
Derek said:
Friday, 29 Oct 2010
I bought a vehicle from a very well known dealership in Birmingham,I was lied to,cheated and robbed,the dealership sacked the salesman,and then refused to put right the dreadfull customer service.
Rose said:
Wednesday, 20 Oct 2010
My first look at the site makes me think this will be a very useful site to keep bookmarked.
Pamela said:
Friday, 5 Mar 2010
Just found the site! Am looking forward to finding out about my rights
Ramon said:
Monday, 20 Jul 2009
It's great to learn about our consumer rights.
Jackie said:
Monday, 23 Mar 2009
I always find even with one phone call, you guide me in the right direction. thanks
Raja said:
Sunday, 22 Mar 2009
Its very useful for every people daily life situation
Anonymous said:
Wednesday, 5 Nov 2008
Keep up the good work
Sonia said:
Sunday, 19 Oct 2008
Think this site is great well done